Everything Changes When I change

“Motivation keep us going, discipline keeps us growing”

Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better and we should pay attention to grow intentionally.

I have been passionate about personal growth for years. In fact, I was touched and moved by a motivational speaker through training courses at the time I was desperate and trying to find an answer and purpose for my life on the outside. A phrase “If you want things to change, you have to change. If you want things to be better, you have to get better” and “If I take care of my character, my character will take care of itself”. These words changed drastically the way I think, act, getting best results.

Improving oneself is the most important, yet helping others to realize that they have greatest seeds in them are more valuable and timeless.

Self-development is the only way that ensures we have a fulfilled life. Life should be an adventure, life should be fulfilling and be much more than just existing.

With all the information that I have been accumulating from most successful people and these are the fundamental principles leading to a fulfilled life, I create selfdisciplines.com blog to help and add value to one and another. I believe it will help you on your way to significant growth in the specific area of your life and I pray that it serves you well as you seek to improve your life and achieve your dreams.